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Hilljack Entertainment presents the funnest thing to come from legalized Medical Marijuana: the Colorado Cannabis Craze board game!

2-6 ADULT players travel to the 8 Colorado Cannabis Cities across Colorado in search of 6 strains of cannabis to stock the dispensary in Denver. Cruise different highways, visit ‘turn towns’ from long ago, avoid the pigs and war with other players.

All have the risk of the CHP, but also test your JUJU, take chances with ‘WTF?’ encounters and try to FLEE buy cities with your cannabis purchase. Tempt your luck with the Cripple Creek Cashout or race back to the Colorado Cannabis Connection dispensary in Denver and sell your stash to get your million and get to DIA...

Get busted by Homeland Security or meet up with the hip and helpful Hilljacks in this fun and entertaining game of strategy, luck and SAFETY!!

First player to purchase cannabis from all 8 Colorado Cannabis Cities, sell your stash in Denver and get to DIA with $1,000,000 first will become...

The New Colorado Cannabis Czar!!!


This game incorporates all of the best the Colorado marijuana community has to offer with tongue-in-cheek references to local popular drug culture. 

Featuring beautiful custom artwork by a Colorado artist, the Colorado Cannabis Craze is the perfect gift for anyone who has ever felt "Rocky Mountain High". Buy one for your dorm, your best friend or mom and dad.

This is a great game that you will replay over and over.



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